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Job Title:   WordPress Manager
Category:   Software Development
Total Positions:   1
Job Location:   Islamabad, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Rawalpindi
Gender:   No Preference
Minimum Education:   Bachelors
Career Level:   Experienced Professional
Minimum Experience:   3 Years
Apply By:   Apr 15, 2020
Job Description:
  • We are a holding company based in New York, USA that owns and operates multiple internet businesses, all of which are in startup mode, and all of which have employees spread throughout the world, but with a large number in Pakistan.
  • This is an exciting, dynamic and multifaceted role and we are looking for the right person -- who has the right skill set and cultural fit with our company.
  • This is a work-from-home job. You will need to be able to work from home, with a proper computer and internet connection, and a work environment where you can work undisturbed.
  • A second/external monitor is extremely helpful. 
  • Some major cities are listed below but we are open to somebody working from any city, since you will be at home.
  • This role will initially report to the Owner and Chief Executive Officer and you will work closely with him and the rest of the team across all businesses.
  • As the companies grow this reporting structure may change and you will likely have another manager (ex. CTO)

All of our businesses have the following in common: 

  • Websites built on Wordpress platforms, using different themes (ex. Newspaper X, ListingPro, ColorLib)

  • Use of a few popular Wordpress plugins (ex. Yoast, GDPR compliance. Not WooCommerce yet, but possibly in the future) 

  • The websites usually involve working with datasets (ex. listings, user information) that may be stored in external locations or may be stored in our Wordpress instance and we need to import/export and/or manage the data properly
  • Email marketing and email newsletters using different ESPs (ex. Mailchimp, SendInBlue)

  • Lots of production of media assets (photos, videos, articles etc.) for our web presence and social media 

  • Lots of listings with metadata -- posts, information, categories, tags, etc. 

This role’s responsibilities will primarily involve: 

  • building websites and web presences for our businesses out of these existing tools and platforms, continually adding to and modifying them as business needs involve. 

  • We may need to do a little bit of theme modification sometimes (and to that extent having skills in CSS/PHP are very helpful), although mostly this is about building and modifying our sites using the functionality within the Wordpress themes

  • Populating our sites with the right content, assets, and information 

  • Managing the import/export of data between Wordpress and the external sources (databases or spreadsheets)
  • Manage our email marketing operations: create HTML emails and templates, set up automated RSS-email campaigns, manage email lists, Deploy email blasts 

  • Setting up advertising units on our websites where applicable

  • Manage Google analytics: tagging and reporting

  • Optimize website conversions and email signups 

  • Building landing pages

  • Evaluating our websites by reviewing key metrics 

  • Testing and optimizing our sites, pages and emails for performance

  • To the extent there is extra bandwidth, this role may also help with the production of digital assets (photo and video asset manipulation/editing and creation)

You need to have the following skills and characteristics: 

  • You need excellent English skills and you must be good communicator, especially written communicator. Up to international English standards, as our businesses are global. 

  • Reliability and accountability. 

  • Attention to detail. Your work must be accurate in its details. We do not have the time or margin for careless, sloppy mistakes.  

  • Fast learner. You will constantly be learning. 

  • Experience with Wordpress, and building Wordpress sites, as well as Wordpress plugins 

  • Understanding email service provider platforms (ex. Mailchimp) 

  • Experience with Google Analytics

  • Experience with SEO (basic -- ex. Yoast), and Google Search Console

Note: this role will NOT be responsible for creating the content. This is a role focused on managing the platforms.

General software and platforms (in addition to those mention above)

  • Familiarity with Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides are crucial

  • Excel/spreasheet fluency and skills are important

  • In Excel and Google sheets, the basic ability to organize, manipulate, data sets is a huge plus -- using pivot tables, data tables, etc. 

  • Familiarity with and experience with basic database concepts (as well as cloud database platforms such as Airtable) is a big plus 

Personality and Attitude: 

  • You need to be very self-motivated. 

  • Attentiveness and responsiveness. You must be an “on top of it” person, excited to pitch in, help, respond, and engage. 

  • You must be excited to work and be challenged. 

Other Cultural Fit Items: 

  • We are a distributed organization, where everybody works from home. If you are someone who has a strong need to work outside of home, to commute, or to work in an office surrounded by co-workers, then this is not the job for you. If you are someone who needs to work from home or who strongly prefer to work from home, or greatly enjoy the advantages of working from home, then this job is for you. 

  • You are expected to be productive at home. So you need a setup and a work arrangement where you can work and be productive. 

  • You need to be or become familiar with distributed team productivity platforms such as video conferencing (Ex. Google hangouts) and company chat (ex. Glip, which is what we use, which is simlar to Slack) 

  • Because we are a distributed organization, written communication is extremely important -- clear messages in company chat, well and precisely articulated documents, etc. form the backbone of our collaboration. This is something you should be very comfortable with. 

  • This also means you need to be a highly honest and accountable person. Nobody is going to be looking over your shoulder constantly. 

  • You need to be trustworthy as you will be managing confidential organization for the company

Background and Experience: 

  • Relevant education and/or experience is crucial

  • Experience and knowledge of other relevant fields for internet businesses is extremely helpful: ex. Digital marketing, Customer Acquisition, Growth Hacking, e-mail marketing, Social Media

Company Information
Company Name:  Dawn Equity
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